Claremont School

14 - 19 Curriculum

The Claremont 14-19 Curriculum is designed to prepare our learners for life, as adults, beyond School. To achieve this, we aim to make, every moment of the day a learning opportunity. We actively seek the views of our learners and keep in mind their perspective when planning ahead. 

Claremont will support students and their parents in the transition from school into the next phase of their learning, providing opportunities to explore future provisions and develop knowledge & understanding, skills and attitude that will support them in their choice.

The 14-19 Phase is grouped by ‘stage’ and not ‘age’. This allows students to take part in shared activities throughout the school day.

Features making KS4/5 distinct from KS3 are:

  • increased autonomy
  • increased teaching of life skills
  • greater opportunity for community involvement
  • work related learning
  • experience of the world of work
  • introduction of external accreditation

 The ‘Core’ Curriculum

A student attending Claremont follows a timetable that is broken down into 5 main areas:


    Though students have a ‘home’ class they are able to make some option choices. This allows students to work with a variety of staff and work partners. This allows them to develop preferences.  This year students have had the option to:
  • play ‘new electronic music’ with a member of the 2012 Para Orchestra
  • create their own sculpture
  • develop their gardening skills
  • hone their acting talents
  • learn how to take photographs

We also offer a range of accredited courses, based on need, to our learners. Currently we offer: 

1. ASDAN Personal Progres

2. City and Guilds: Effective, Alternative and Augmentative Communication

3. Apt Ed Performing Arts


From 2016 we will begin to phase in:

  1. AQA Unit Award Scheme
  2. Equals ‘Moving On’ 14-19