Claremont School



'The Claremont Curriculum is delivered through a holistic approach that provides a range of learning opportunities and contexts that broaden and remain age appropriate as pupils move through the school, as reflected in the ethos, vision and values of the School.  It is based upon the principles of Progression, Independence,  Flexibility, Collaboration and  Inclusion.'  (Curriculum Policy 2016)

 In order to provide a breadth of learning opportunities the school has a 3 year topic plan, differentiated for each phase within the school.



PSHE / wellbeing*

Knowledge and understand of the world

Knowledge and understand of the world

Creative arts

Physical & independence


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3 & 4

Term 5

Term 6

Early Years

You and me

Light and dark



Playing games


Who I am


Splash of colour and sound

Make something happen.


Fact and fiction through exploration and stories.

Sports and games


My hopes and dreams

Life’s celebrations

Taking control

Classtonbury Festival Of Arts (Enterprise For May Fair)

Olympics (including Olympic Values).

 Year 1 of the 3 year topic overview


Communication, language, literacy and cognition/thinking skills (functional skills) are delivered across the topic and as discrete lessons.



       Early Years Phase                  Key Stage 2/3 Phase                      14-19 Phase

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