Claremont School




           Early Years Curriculum

There are six areas which provide the framework of the Claremont Foundation Curriculum: 

Curriculum areas

A 3 year rolling topic cycle gives a creative, broad and balanced approach to delivering learning opportunities across curriculum.


 Learning Activities 

The learning activities are based on the principles of ‘active learning’.  

These activities are very much ‘child led’, with staff extending the children’s learning in a way appropriate to the needs of each child. These sessions are also integrated- with classes having the opportunity to work together, in different classrooms. 

Activities are generally topic related. All children are encouraged to handle, explore and work with a variety of equipment and materials. Children will experience many different opportunities for ict, creative and imaginative play, language development, exploration and investigation, cognition, thinking skills and scientific investigations at a level that is appropriate to them.There are regular P.E., movement and music sessions, and the opportunity to join in cookery and drama activities. Children will use a range of large and small apparatus to develop hand/eye function, fine motor skills and sensory awareness.  


During playtime all children are encouraged to explore their environment and to become familiar with the resources on offer. They are given the opportunity to socialise with their friends, to relax while out of supportive seating, to wriggle and stretch! Children’s play skills and general independence can be developed at this time. The children have regular outside play sessions, exploring play equipment and participating in group games. 




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