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Key Stage 2 and 3

The Curriculum

Middle Years Phase; KS2 and 3 (Age 7 – 13)

The Middle Years Phase curriculum builds upon pupil’s experiences within the Early Years Phase, following the school vision that pupils ‘Enjoy Learning for Living’. The KS2 provision is based at the Primary site in Henleaze on the same campus as Henleaze Infant and Junior schools. At the end of KS2 pupils (age 11) transfer to the secondary site in Redland which is co-located with Redland Green School. Pupils are in classes that reflect their different learning styles/needs, with opportunities to work across the key stage increasing as pupils get older.

The curriculum is divided into 6 areas


KS2 and 3 both follow the same three year rolling topic cycle that provides a context for delivering the curriculum so that it offers variety and enables learners to develop a wider understanding of the world around them. There are opportunities for both key stages to work together through identified theme weeks, whole school events and assemblies. There is a personalised program of transition as pupils move from the Primary site to the Secondary site.

Pupils in the Middle Years Phase are based in classes but may be taught in learning groups for part of the week with other pupils of similar need. We work in close partnership with a multi-professional team including Physiotherapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Music therapists and Occupational Therapists.   ICT supports all areas of learning facilitating individual access to the curriculum – especially promoting communication through the provision of both low and high tech communication aids. Physical activities include hydrotherapy (both sites have a pool) and rebound.

As well as the focus on our key principals we also take every opportunity to promote enrichment and interaction between our young people. In the Middle Years Phase we ensure we have lessons where the pupils collaborate and work together outside of their normal class groups. It promotes inclusion amongst the different ability levels and gives the opportunity for us to create positive role models within the peer groups. In KS2 these groups happen once a week within the timetable in addition there are lunchtime clubs inviting all learners to activities such as gardening, sensory stories in the library and music club.



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