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Parent Meetings

Communication between Home and School is paramount, in order to ensure that we work together to support your child and enable them to flourish.

Working together we gain a much better insight into what is working well and what more could be done to improve provision in order to support their needs. Day to day communication is essential and can take place in various form:

  • Phoning the school and conveying a message that way

  • Phoning the school in order to ask for the class teacher to give you a call back

  • Writing a message in the Home School Diary

  • Emailing the school or class teacher (please allow up to 48 hours for a response, due to teachers only accessing emails outside of the school day)

During the start of the academic year 2020/2021, Teachers have been having weekly conversations with parents and carers in order to ensure a successful transition back into school and these have been happening on a Wednesday as the school has been closed for a Deep Clean.

As we move to full time from Term 2, this will no longer take place and therefore it is imperative to keep the clear lines of communication open, using the methods outlined above.

As well as day to day communication, there will also be the opportunity to meet formally with Teachers to discuss your child’s progress. These normally take place in Term 1 and Term 6, where you are invited into the school, however due to COVID, this will look different this year.

Both Term 1 and Term 6 discussions will happen via telephone call and Teachers will liaise directly with parents/carers to agree a convenient time.