Claremont School

The LDD Partnership


Claremont School works closely with 3 other special schools in Bristol - New Fosseway, Briarwood and Kingsweston.  All of our school cater for children with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities - hence the LDD in the title of our partnership. 

This year we have a joint Governors group that will meet 3 times to oversee the work of the partnership and the priorities they have asked us to look at are the 14 - 25 agenda, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Engaging Parents. 

We have working groups looking into these areas and several more looking at things like assessment, reading, maths and Early Years. 

The aim of these groups is to facilitate joint practice development in each school to support school improvement.  It also provides some consistency across the schools too.  Often we are trying to develop similar activities and working together makes this more effective.  There is a huge body of knowledge within our schools and this partnership aims to share this and ensure all of our children and young people benefit from it. 

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