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Welcome back to Term 2! 

It has been a fantastic start to the school year in S2 and everyone has settled in amazingly well!

Last term we were focusing on our media and film topic and exploring and learning about Harry Potter where we focused on different parts of the story including potion making, where we had competitions with each other around who can create the best explosion / volcano effect using different ingredients as well as looking at colour changes and changes of state.

We also went on treasure hunts around the school, communicating with people along the way and working together.

It has been fantastic to be able to have access to the sensory room again and the life skills room where we have been able to practice our switch skills for cooking.

We also had the opportunity to be able to join up with another class on the last day of term which was great to be able to meet some new faces and get to know the class next door to us! Fingers crossed we will be able to do that again at some point soon.

This term we will be continuing with our film and media topic and the first story we will be exploring will be the Pirates of the Caribbean (if you have any pirate bits at home they would be greatly appreciated).


Our RSE topic this term will be ‘keeping safe and looking after ourselves’, our Maths topic is ‘shape and number’ and our science topic is ‘properties and changes of materials’.

This term we will also be taking part in a Diwali Assembly (via Zoom) and on Friday 19th of November the School Council have arranged for us to have a Children in Need Day with a ‘party clothes’ theme (as chosen by the students), therefore if everyone could wear party clothes and bring in a small donation then that would be great!

Wednesday 8th of December will be our Christmas production (via Zoom) at 11:00, Zoom invites will be sent out closer to the time.

We hope everyone had a great week off for half term and we look forward to a fun (and safe) term ahead!


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