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New - Weekly activities for you to try at home.

Hello all,   

We are really missing you and have been wondering what lovely things you've been up to - It’s very strange not being at school and doing our usual lessons with the equipment we have at school.

I hope you have been using your VOCAs to join in activities and let you parents/carers know what things you would like to do.

Your parents may have told you that we will be putting lots of ideas on the School Website Home Learning Tab and also regularly updating/sharing others ideas on our Twitter page - @claremontschbri

To support your parents, here is a timetable/routine idea for those of you who would find it of benefit - you do not have to follow it.

Wake up - 9.00 - Do what you would normally do.

9.00-10.00 -

Follow advice from your physio. Complete physio stretches as advised. You can do this to music, along with a sibling, or along to Joe Wicks – Bristol Bears – See Home Learning Tab > Staying active on our website.

Book creator on iPad should have individual exercises on.


Have a snack and ask your child what they would like to do using fun pages on VOCA - alternatively give them a choice of activities they can do independently such as explore a toy, paper and crayons, switches, computers whatever they would like. Explain how to do something or how something works and allow free time for your child to investigate, create and explore. This helps develop critical thinking and problem solving.

Whilst they are working independently, prepare one of the guided activities - these came home in the pack.


Complete one of the guided activities that were sent to you. E.g., VOCA work, cooking, games, reading comprehension, switch work


Have lunch and then ensure that child has a change of position if you haven’t already- long sitter (or corner-seat), standing frame, tummy time, back lying, side lying, walker, trike or other equipment you may have,


In their new position have a free exploring session that suits this position, for example: sensory play, lights,  water/sand play in a standing frame, switch games, stories on screen in a long sitter - your child can again choose what they would like to do or you can give them some choices.


Have a bit of outside time. Go for a walk if you are able to, do some gardening together, do some ‘mindful’ bird watching, play co-actively with a ball, play hide and seek with another etc. See Sensory Learning tab on our website.

Alternatively, complete one of the structured activities E.g. VOCA work, cooking, games, reading comprehension, switch work

15.00- 15.30

Share a story together - you can add props and repeat the same story several times so that they can predict and indicate what happens next.  - use VOCA’s to give opinions (some pupils may like David Walliams or other free audio books – See Home Learning Tab on website for details)

Teatime till bedtime - Do as you would usually do.

Click here for some activities