Claremont School

Sensory Learning

This page will be full of ideas for sensory learning. Stories, play and activities.

More ideas will be added weekly!

 1. Sensory Bear is a motivating world of high contrast scenes designed to engage and stimulate developing vision. These videos are a great way to encourage eye co-ordination and focus. 

Hey Sensory Bear

 2. Sensory Art and Craft ideas from Sensory Spectacle

Spectacular Sensory Makes

3. Sensory Stories by Pete Wells - He has created some very funny sensory stories. All the instructions and resources you will need can be found on each story page.

Sensory Stories by Pete Wells

4. Bag Books - Register to download seven wonderful sensory stories. Each story has elements of a smell, a sound, something to touch or a physical interaction with the story teller. All the objects within the stories are from around the home or a suggested alternative.

DIY - Sensory Stories from Bag Books

5. Sensory Trust - Some great ideas for sensory learning and activities to do outdoors in your own garden. Nature mobiles, Make a sensory journey map of your garden, Discovering garden textures and more.

Sensory Trust - Accessible and engaging outdoor activities

6. Sensory and Messy Play - Some ideas from SENSE for sensory play and activities at home.

SENSE - Sensory Messy Play