Claremont School

Staying Active

Below we have some ideas for helping you and your children and young people stay active at home.

More ideas will be added!

1. Newly created by Gympanzees - containing videos and resources specific to children with different play and exercise needs. All with a therapeutic twist so that your child receives helath and well being benefits - and having fun!

Gympanzees - Our Home

2. Sensory Rugby is online with Bristol Bears! 

Sensory Rugby with Bristol Bears @ Home

3. Flamingo Chicks are presenting virtual Dance Classes on You tube. A new theme will be added each week. Suitable for all. Made in collaboration with Lightyear Foundation, all themes are linked to educational learning. 

Dancing fun with Flamingo Chicks

4. Claremont Olympics - Find out how you can take part in the Claremont Olympics - From Jack

Join in with the Claremont Olympics

5. Bristol Bears are dancing again! Stay active with Laura and have a dance along!

Bears@Home - "DanceTime" with Laura

6. Bristol Bears are getting active again! Come on and exercise with Dec! 

Bears@Home - "ExerciseTime" with Dec