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The Independence and Preparing for Adulthood Champion (IPFA) can provide a link between home and adult respite provision and liaise with social workers to keep the process moving so that there is not a long gap between children's services ending at 18 and adult services coming on-line.

Having good links with adult provisions means that staff can come in to school to learn to use communication aids as well as observe an individual eating and drinking.  This will also include sharing the students Intimate Care Plan so that consistency is achieved as far as possible. 

This can go a long way to put a parents' mind at rest at a challenging time.

Parents are supported through what can be a 'fairly frightening process' as a parent explained it. 

The school hosts an annual 'Moving On' event, where all the parents are invited to meet local providers from various sectors, colleges, residential and day provision.

Throughout the year the IPFA along with the Family Link Worker arrange a series of 'coffee mornings' on a variety of subjects pertaining to this particular stage of life.  There are other forms of contact, emails/phone/dates for 'drop-in' sessions. 

'Drop in' sessions are regularly held to support the young person in terms of their wellbeing and their management of a huge time of change.  These sessions are designed to enable them to tell someone about how they feel about moving on from school and into adult life.

The IPFA arranges for parents to visit adult provision will assist the inevitable form filling that comes with applying to colleges.

Once a placement had been agreed we will begin a period of transition.  This will be bespoke to the individual student and will reflect the level of need required.  The IPFA will liaise with the new provider, home and school to provide up-to-date information to facilitate smooth transition.

The IPFA will follow-up students for up to a year when they leave Claremont, this provides an opportunity to forge better links with adult providers as well as reassure parents that all is well for their young person.

Contact Moira Stephens: 01173533622

or by email: moira.stephens@claremontbristol.org.uk