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Welcome to Term 2! 

Winter wishes

This term we will continue with our theme of Music.  We will continue to establish our musical preferences and create ways to communicate our preferences.  We will be working hard to create a winter show using inspiration from the song ‘Let it Snow’.

Whilst we have not been able to return to the shops to buy our ingredients for our cookery sessions, we have been cooking up a storm and will continue to make delightful culinary dishes for our lunches every Thursday taking time to develop our independence skills to prepare the lunches and using our senses to explore all the different ingredients used.

Our ASDAN focus this term fits in nicely with preparing and performing in a winter show by focusing on our engagement and participation in sensory stories.

We have developed our HIVE independence choices this term.

Each Monday we split into two different groups to offer students opportunities to do more of what they like to do or may be interested in pursuing in the future.

We are offering an Environment Group and the Creative Group.

In the Environment Group students will be exploring nature, noticing season changes, spending time in the outdoors, planting and growing things. 

In the Creative Group students are given the opportunity to develop the ways they can artistically express themselves.


We will continue to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle with our daily physio routines and weekly PE sessions. This term we are having some very lovely sensory dance sessions with Bristol Bears.